The Diplomat

The Diplomat is a casual global eatery inspired from global street scenes and markets. The eclectic decor is modern, colourful, and exudes a fun and energetic atmosphere. With a logo already designed, we were tasked with creating the visual identity for thee brand as well as all branded material and artwork.

Identity Development + Brand Strategy + Menu Design + Copywriting + Interior/Exterior Signage + Artwork + PhotographY

We wanted this brand to have an artistic feel that was uniquely different in specific ways. We also wanted all of the brand elements and final pieces to be a bit quirky, something that could pique a guest’s interest or provoke some sort of conversation.

We applied this philosophy to everything we were in charge of and in the end created something we were really proud of. From the custom artwork on the walls, to the artistic menus each guest would interact with, we had a great time bringing this brand to life.